BHM Heroes: Franchesca Ramsey

During the month of February, BRTW ensemble members are selecting personal Black heroes to highlight everyday. These heroes may have spoken the magic words that first made them see their Black beauty, the people who inspired them to become artists, or even the person who taught them how to make proper mixed greens.

I am happy to kick off BRTW’s Black History Month celebration with recognition of Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey. Over the years, she’s taken to her platform and reminded me that my diction and command of the English language is not a reflection on my Blackness, mocking the concept of Social Justice Warriors, spreading some much needed Black love on Facebook and Twitter, or even apologizing for past misdeeds, reminding us that it is our responsibility to live up to our politics.

BRTW doesn’t just aim to create spaces for entertainers of color but also to recognize those who do this work, celebrating and encouraging them. Chescaleigh lives up to this in her work, using her position to create opportunities for POC performers on MTV’s Decoded and asking the questions that beg answers at presidential debates.

Stay tuned for the next BHM Hero tomorrow!

Heather Harvey,
Co-Founder & Ensemble Member