During the month of February, BRTW ensemble members are selecting personal Black heroes to highlight everyday. These heroes may have spoken the magic words that first made them see their Black beauty, the people who inspired them to become artists, or even the person who taught them how to make proper mixed greens.Today we celebrate Touré. I was first introduced to Touré by reading his book Who’s afraid of post blackness, What it means to be black now;  which is an honest yet comedic look into Black culture in today’s society. Touré writes about growing up being one of the few black people in his neighborhood then transitioning into to college and immersing himself with his people and culture. It was the first time I read a piece of writing that articulately depicted that process; I finally felt like I wasn’t finally wasn’t alone!  He also intelligently identifies what it means to be black today and flips it right on its head by confronting old stereotypes and shaping new ideas of what blackness is.

If you’re not familiar with Touré, he was a panelist on the MSNBC show ‘The Cycle’ and has written a number of books and essays. Touré constantly uses his position as journalist to challenge his peers and to call out one’s ingrained prejudices. Touré’s other works include: I would die 4 u, Never drank the Kool-Aid,The Portable Promised Land and Soul City. 


– Kevin Green
co-founder and ensemble member